CBRC 2020 Last Man Standing Lap Runs - Calvert Cliffs

*Overall Results* (Photos)

Sun, Jan 19, 2020

Results: Chesapeake Bay Running Club

Unofficial, from what I remember, as there was no official timing or counting

Results Notes
9 Laps
Jimmy Wilson 42 miles including bonus mileage
Perry Rapp 37 miles including bonus mileage
Rob Tidwell Professional runner, sat in chair drinking yoohoo between laps, and did not run silly laps around parking lot
6 Laps
Kate Barrett Last Woman Standing
5 Laps
Leanne Powers Added bonus mileage to get in 20+mi
Rebecca Kessler Added bonus mileage to get in 20+mi
4 Laps
Matt Stout
Jake Rupard
Kelly Kent
3 Laps
Katie and George Edgar
Barry Friedman
Taylor Sultz
2 Laps
Kristin and Ben Tidwell
Jay Nam and S. Yeong
Dave Walser
1 Laps
Suzanne Manuel Did early lap beforehand