CBRC Nutcracker Races 2014 Poem

  - Liza Recto

Nutcracker Races 2014

                               - by Liza Recto

‘Twas three days post Christmas, and on Dowell we descended
To squeeze in some racing before the year ended.
We were riding a heat wave, temps climbing past fifty,
And no rain as predicted - for running, just nifty!

Preceding the races was the ten-mile run
That’s strictly an option – you do it for fun!
Ten miles of warmup?  Pardon us while we laugh!
No wonder they call it the Idiots’ Half.

Blaine, Jay, Jeff and Phil (God rest them merry)
Were that morning’s idiots, joined by Manny and Perry.
They must’ve been up before the Family Graf,
Who serve every year as Director and Staff.

Joining the regulars of CBRC
Were some 50-Plus Clubbers, based in DC.
Who’d drive down from Annandale to lock in his rank
By running for one mile? Who else? Peter Blank!

Twenty-one runners chose the five-thousand meter. 
They trailed behind Trent, the usual leader,
Who rolled along smoothly as if on wheels,
With Turner following, hot on his heels.

Perry started with Phil, who seemed in no hurry,
And after a mile, away he did scurry
To catch Blaine and Jay Clarke, AKA Nekkid Runner,
And place as first grown-up, for what could be funner?

Following Blaine was a rather tight pack:
David Walser in front, and his dad at the back,
Sandwiched Eric and Phil like bologna and cheese.
They flew through the finish - or rather, they squeezed.

Tamara was next, then Scott by one second;
Then Jeff, and Jay Wind, just jogging, we reckoned.
Next, Rachel, then Liz, no doubt being rankled
By a mishap last summer involving her ankle.

Then came Ruth, the half-marathon queen,
Posting a leisurely twenty-eight and nineteen.
George followed closely; minutes later came Gary.
Twelve minutes behind him, Julie ran solitary.

Pho-jog-rapher Jeanne, in poinsettias bedecked,
Captured the action, for it’s what we expect.
She brought in the last of the 5K field:
Julian, Chris, and Sharyn, then that race was sealed.

Regaining his speed, his shoulder now fixed,
John led the four-miler in a field of just six.
Liza turned late, and for one mile ran solo,
But she knew where she was – no need for a BOLO.*

Kirk, in third place, with lungs and legs straining,
Surged to pass Liza with one mile remaining.
Cindy, Kerri, and Manny maintained their positions,
Jumping potholes and puddles near the new subdivisions.

While results were computed, we mingled outside.
Why waste such good weather, so rare at Yuletide?
We grazed at the table that filled our propensity
For post-race nutrition of caloric density.

Although Crystal and Monica couldn’t be there to run,
They sent over treats to add to the fun:
Ginger snaps, shortbread, and cookies to savor.
Were they seasoned with herbs?  Just what was that flavor?

There were Munchkins and rum balls, and cronuts so rich!
More croissant or more donut? It was hard to tell which.
There were pretzels for those with a craving for salt.
If the scale tips against you, it isn’t our fault!

The finishers’ medals, always nut-themed
This year were pine cones, decorated and green
Like miniature trees, each topped with a star.
They’d be a hit at a Christmas bazaar!

Trinkets and prizes were there for our choosing.
With such a big bounty, there was no chance of losing.
A mug, books and prints, a duck to hold spoons,
A rabbit atop a box that plays tunes.

With the Nutcracker races we wrapped up the year,
By running all paces with friends and good cheer.
Thanks to the Grafs, and let’s not diminish
Christina and Augusta, who helped at the finish!
We love the Nutcracker! It’s our club’s oldest race,
And we’ll keep it going, even if we change place.

Twenty-fourteen, you’re gone like King Tut!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nut!

* Be On the Look Out