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CBRC 2013 Trail Runs - Kings Landing - 3.25mi

Sat, Jan 19, 2013

Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown, St Mary's Co, MD


(Notes by race director at bottom)
*(self DQ'd)M17:52(asked us to DQ him b/c he missed some of course)
1Colin FlemingM17:53.90 *(told us he thinks he missed a turn)
2Ben ArisM17:56.62 *(told us he thinks he missed a turn)
3Justin CeritoM19:25.37 
4Scott CarpenterM19:29.15 
5Brandon DemersM19:40.63 
6Brian CarpenterM21:34.62 
7(self-DQ'd)M21:34.89(asked us to DQ him b/c he missed some of course)
8Katie OgdenF21:53.02(ran a bit extra by mistake)
9Danny BennettM22:15(ran a bit extra by mistake)
10Will CarpenterM22:58.00 
11Perry RappM22:58.32 
12Liam ArisM23:29.96 
13Connor EveringhamM23:45.14 
14Stephen HartleyM24:06.21 
15Dave WalserM25:22.88 
16Neal OffenbacherM25:24.85 
17Julianne OgdenF25:24.86 
18Elizabeth AllisonF26:44.71
19Haley HoughF26:56.38 
20Stuart McLeanM27:43.35 
21Madeline SmithF28:29.35 
22Blake ThackerF28:43.63 
23Brandon ArisM29:46.56 
24Jessica "Which Way Do We Go" LynchF31:53.47 
25Dale AllisonM31:55.96 
26Leanna BennettF32:48.56 
27Becky KostenF33:00.67 
28Stacy DomanskiF33:48.19 
29Eric CapitoM33:57.20 
30Bethany TorresF34:14.56 
31Herb HauseM34:23.16 
32Sydney Frost?34:31.69 
33Suzanne AmmariF35:18.84 
34Collin ThompsonF36:36.32 
35George SissonM37:09.10 
36Sue VanceF37:31.18 
37Jaron GubernickM40:55.26 
38Lara CollinsF41:41.33 
39Jeanne LarrisonF43:34.60 
40Susan AllisonF44:14.67 
41Becky PfennigwerthF44:52.52 
42Karen HauseF48:26.21 
43Barbara RobersonF58:02.34Went off-course and covered substantial extra distance

(*) Andrew McLean came in first, but said he missed part of the hill, and asked to be left out of results.

Note by Perry

I think the most problematic turn was after crossing the floating steps, and turning right away from the fishing pier, and running up the gravel road. Just after the port-o-potties on the right (of the gravel road) was a bridge into the woods, and I think a fair number of people missed that turn. So now we know that that needs a sign next year. Those who missed that turn, but still ran up to the U-turn at the top of the grass hill, still covered more than a 5K.