CBRC Nutcracker Races 2011 Poem

  - Liza Recto

‘Twas the day before Christmas, and runners converged
On the Solomons Firehouse in response to an urge
For a holiday race - but what distance to run?
Four miles or a 5K? Two miles or one?

Peter Blank, a race stalwart, sure came a long way
For seven minutes of huffing and a glimpse of the bay.
Anna gave chase and stayed on his heels,
Running impressively – her feet were like wheels!
Emme ran gamely after her sister.
She was youngest of all - if you’d blinked you’d have missed her.

Some ran an odd distance, by choice or misrouted.
Whatever the reason, the course marks they flouted.
Crystal ran briskly for two-point-three-two.
She’d already run ten, yet fleetly she flew.
Two Jays went for four, but one cut it short:
Wind neglected to turn by the old tennis court.

Jody meant to run four, but in a bit of a muddle
She turned back too soon, with a shrug of befuddle.
Eight ran whole hog and could’ve pulled Santa’s sleigh.
They hoofed it through Dowell, led by John Way.
On John, on Noah, on Clarke, and on Stahr!
On Karen, on Amy, on Liza and Char!

The 5K, again the most popular distance,
Was won by Trent Herzog, who ran with persistence.
He sprang like a rubber band, and sprinting with snap,
Maintained a big lead over swift Perry Rapp.
Then came Paul Serra, an impressive Grandmaster
You won’t find too many who are younger and faster.

Steve Francisco came close, then Walser the Dad,
Then David Francisco, and behind just a tad
Ran Rachel Herzog, followed by Scott,
And Blaine pushing Macie, who’s barely a tot.
Next was Walser the Younger, then Kara and Liz,
Christina, then Roger, who’s back in the biz.

Jon Palks was next, then Mike and son Paul,
Followed by Lisa, in for the haul.
Then Julie, then Jeanne, snapping pics here and there.
And Chris Caravoulias, who’ll run anywhere;
Then Deborah Francisco, and winding things down,
Patricia Rich from out of town.

The post-race spread was a splendid array
Of doughnuts and cookies, and on display
Was an assortment of t-shirts from various races
That were ours for the taking, no matter our paces.
We claimed our prizes, we splurged on treats,
We swapped running stories, and toasted our feats.

For a rare Christmas Eve race, we thank the Grafs
For a chance to be social, run, and share a few laughs.
And so on oh-‘leven, we push the door shut.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nut!