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CBRC 2011 Trail Runs - Maxwell Hall Park - 4mi

Sat, Mar 26, 2011

Maxwell Hall Park, Hughesville, Charles Co, MD

(Photos to come)


1Vic PapagnoM26:17early
2Vic PapagnoM26:33main
3Noah WoodM27:04main
4Travis HaleyM29:34main
5John CapozziM31:33main
6Craig BarrettM31:59main
7Dave WalserM32:43early
7Jeff LaganaM32:43early
9Perry RappM33:03early
10Scott Payne & Q-tipM+D38:36main
11Elizabeth PettitF38:37main
12George SissonM38:39main
13David DaleyM38:40main
14Stacy DomanskiF39:47main
15Yvette ThistleF45:08main
16Sean ThistleM45:16main

Plus Tammy (with Laika) in the untimed "being pulled in circles around the field by canine" category
Plus Prasad & Steve in the untimed "go out early and check park for bobcats, bears, and eagles, and report findings, as excuse to check out our beverages" category

(Note: Yvette & Sean did some extra mileage in the first loop.)