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Chesapeake Bay Running Club
Nutcracker 2M, 3M, 5K, and 4M
Solomons MD
Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nutcracker Races 2009
                            -          by Liza Recto
'Twas the day after Christmas, rain had faded to drizzle
And compared to last week, the temps were a-sizzle
This year featured a selection of races
A Nutcracker Suite for all manner of paces

Noah Wood chose the two-miler, winning by plenty
While Peter Blank, racewalking, aimed to break 20:00.
The rest of the group was on the family plan
Peter's daughter and four of the large Bennett clan

The three-mile option we thought rather redundant
In a menu of races that was rather abundant
No how or no way would anyone run it
But John Way did run it, and by the way, won it.

The four-mile course veered off the main street
Through Calvert Marina's drydocked fleet
Jon led the way, with Amy trailing
Past rows of blocked boats on hiatus from sailing

The 5K was most popular; led by Perry and Trent
The pack of runners down Dowell Road went
They sloshed through puddles and over packed ice
Compared to last year, conditions were nice!

The races were over and we gathered inside
For cookies, some cider, a taste of Yuletide
Prizes were chosen, awards were presented,
Gifts were exchanged, we were all quite contented

Let's wrap up the 2009 edition
Of the annual Nutcracker winter tradition,
With a thank you to Tami and Don and their brood
For presenting this race with a holiday mood!

We'll keep up the running, no matter what!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good nut!
      Nutcracker Two-Mile
      Solomons MD
      Saturday, December 26, 2009
  ##   Name                        G Age City State             Time
  --  ------------------------     - --- -----------------      ------
  1   Noah Wood                    M  26 Catonsville MD         12:46
  2   Peter Blank                  M  55 Annandale VA           20:04
  3   Alicia Bennett               F  20 Dunkirk MD             20:26
  4   Beth Blank                   F  14 Annandale VA           20:27
  5   Leah Bennett                 F  39 Dunkirk MD             21:26
  6   Emily Bennett                F  12 Dunkirk MD             27:26
  7   Danny Bennett                M  39 Dunkirk MD             27:27

      Nutcracker Three-Mile
      Solomons MD
      Saturday, December 26, 2009
  1   John Way                     M  44 Montgomery Village MD  19:47

      Nutcracker Five-Kilometer
      Solomons MD
      Saturday, December 26, 2009
  1   Perry Rapp                   M  44 Lexington Park MD      19:01
  2   Trent Moon                   M  15 Yorktown VA            19:40
  3   Nick Byrne                   M  18 Lusby MD               22:28
  4   Dave Walser                  M  51 Lusby MD               22:32
  5   Jay Jacob Wind               M  59 Arlington VA           23:07
  6   Tamara Pennell               F  39 Lexington Park MD      23:52
  7   Bryan Moon                   M  12 Yorktown VA            24:19
  8   Robin Moon                   F  50 Yorktown VA            24:20
  9   Jeff Lagana                  M  32 Hughesville MD         25:19
  10  Liza Recto                   F  53 Lexington Park MD      25:37
  11  Liz Carroll                  F  54 Mechanicsville MD      26:22
  12  Tim Moon                     M  52 Yorktown VA            27:51
  13  Jerry Donald Phelps          M  53 Lexington Park MD      28:15
  14  Shawn Stanley                M  38 California MD          29:01
  15  Tom Wilkinson                M  48 Avenue MD              29:59
  16  Jeanne Larrison              F  54 Chesapeake Beach MD    34:44
  17  Julie Trapp                  F  65 Silver Spring MD       35:34
  18  Christina Caravoulias        F  54 Silver Spring MD      35:59.98

      Nutcracker Four-Mile
      Solomons MD
      Saturday, December 26, 2009
  1   Jon Palks                    M  60 Bowie MD               32:30
  2   Amy Werking                  F  36 Solomons MD            34:19

2nd Annual Idiots Half

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