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December 21, 2008

Thanks to all who showed up to run the umpteenth Nutcracker 5 K. Particular thanks to those who helped set up, clean-up and who not only donated generously to the cause but brought gifts and goodies to share. Vic even brought his parents who pitched in to help. 20 runners donated $207 and one turkey (Thanks, Jon) I think that is great. I believe everyone had a good time. It is so nice to be able to get indoors where it is warm and dry. A few runners ran a 10 mile “warm-up” beforehand and several went out to do the course again since it was so much fun the first time.

In as much as I am distantly related to the Wizard of IZ and Race Director in Solomon’s Kingdom the times have been adjusted somewhat to accommodate the fact that Don started the clock 3 seconds after the bell, and accidentally turned off the timer, and we added at least 1/20 mile in distance in order to stay out of the rain.


Results By Chesapeake Bay Running Club

PlaceName  Gender  Age  Finish Time
1Karsten BrownM3417:55
2Victor PapagnoM4018:25
3Eric GardnerM3419:51
4John WayM4320:22
5Mike FagnanoM4621:15
6Blaine MablyM2922:10
7Nick BryneM1722:25
8Dave WalserM5023:25
9Scott PayneM4924:02
10Peter BlankM5424:20
11Sierra SchenkF3025:05
12Perry RappM4325:05
13Jerry PhelpsM5226:28
14David BushM3726:40
15Liza RectoF5228:29
16John WinkertM5229:34
17Julie TrappF6430:03
18Christina CarvouliasF5336:25
19Jeanne LarrisonF5341:45
20Tammy PayneF4654:42

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