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Photo of Ruth Ruth Tonkyro  
Like many others, I didn’t start out as a runner. It wasn’t until I moved to Southern Maryland in 2001 that I decided to give running a try. In a previously younger, kid-free life I could be found at happy hour or at the gym. Ironically, it was at happy hour and the gym where I met several runners. Eventually, my happy hour buddies, gym friends and co-workers convinced me to run the Hospice 5K—the old course with all the hills and stop lights. I was hooked, and signed up for all the local 5ks. The 5K distance was my comfort zone. It’s quick and training is minimal. Then kids and life happened and I stopped running. I found that as a stay at home mom I needed some “me” time. So, I got my running shoes out and, like Forest Gump, started running (again).

Through the years I have graduated from the 5K distance to marathon and even finished a 50K. I’ve found that as much as I love running, I also love having fun—the adventure of a race getaway and running with friends. You can catch me wearing costumes or funny outfits at races. Lately, I have been racing as a black unicorn. During races, I enjoy stopping at beer tables and high fiving spectators. I’ll be running my first international marathon at the 2020 Berlin Marathon. This will be my 3rd of the 6 major marathons. My costume hasn’t yet been decided.

Overall, running to me is about having fun while keeping active. Running keeps me in balance but doesn’t define who I am. I wear a lot of hats; I’m a busy mother of three. My volunteering reach goes beyond the running club as I am active in other organizations. Lazy days around the house with the family are welcomed. I like Star Wars, cats, cheese, and I love Halloween. I’m also a huge Disney fan (yes, I have even run the Dopey Challenge). Lastly, I LOVE going to the movies, just ask our treasurer!
Co-Vice President
Photo of Amy Amy Werking
I started running about 20 years ago with a local 5K. Later that year, two coworkers and I challenged each other to complete a marathon. I think we may have been joking. We did finish though, and learned a bit about training and nutrition along the way. Since then, I've done 11 full marathons. The half is currently my favorite race distance. I enjoy switching it up with the occasional track mile, too.

I've made some wonderful friends through running, and enjoy our time on roads together training and racing. Seeing others on my favorite routes helps keep me motivated for more miles.
Co-Vice President
Invisible Mike Mike Fagnano
As a lifelong runner and the head of a family of runners, as well as being one of the founders of our running club, Mike has a variety of experience with competing and training over various surfaces, and, unfortunately, dealing with some of the troublesome injuries that beset runners.
Photo of Rosie Roseanne McEwan
I thrive on challenges and love any kind of adventure, travel and being outdoors. Since we moved to the USA in the summer of 2018 (I am a Brit), I have trained for many races of varying lengths and different terrains. I don’t take running too seriously because then it may lose all its fun!

I am at my happiest when running outside—I love exploring new areas and finding different routes. I never follow a set training regime and make it up as I go along. My top running tip: It’s all about great socks and shoes. Running vice: Beer! The running club has given me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and complete events I would never have done before!
Treasurer (and Membership)
Photo of Becky Becky Kosten
I'm a late blooming runner, starting in my 40s. I had some great long-distance running years completing 16 marathons and even a 50k. I’ve ran the “Worlds 10 Best Marathons” and the 5 majors. Racing and traveling are a great combination! However, in the last few years, it’s an achievement just getting out to do any run. I need the exercise, but lack the motivation. Sound familiar?

I currently take care of the treasurer and membership duties, but I’ve also been vice president and secretary in years past. I keep active in the club because it’s a great group of people and I’m hoping all their ambition will eventually motivate me again. We’re not all race fanatics and speed demons!
Chesapeake Bay Running Club
P.O. Box 635
Solomons, MD 20688