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Photo of Kris Kris Smith  
I am a mother runner of 2 young kiddos and married to the best man, who is also a runner. I started out in 2002, jumping head first into marathon training for the San Diego marathon. Not my smartest idea, but I survived... just barely. Two years later, I ran Big Sur then vowed never to run another marathon again... Jump forward 10 years, and I'm training for another marathon! I'm on a quest, like many runners, to qualify for Boston. I naively thought I might qualify after 1 or 2 attempts but have quickly become reacquainted with my old (body-crushing, spirit-sucking) friend that is the MARATHON! I'll continue to steadily work towards this goal, and I hope it happens sooner than later because I much prefer shorter, more reasonable distances!
Vice President
Photo of Becky Becky Kosten
I'm a late blooming runner. I started in 2005 when my family moved to Germany. I loved the great system of trails there and the moderate weather. When an opportunity came along for a 10K, I decided to try my first race. Afterwards, a group training for the Paris marathon was introduced. Now that sounded like fun; who could resist?! Soon after completing Paris, I set a goal to run the "Worlds Top 10 Marathons". I really enjoyed mixing a travel opportunity with a big race event and continue to try and squeeze in a couple each year. I find that if I have a marathon looming in the future it ensures I get out the door and running!
Photo of Erin Erin Kennedy
I "ran" my first 5K as a senior in high school with a team in the grocery store I worked at. I really liked it, but only did two in the 6 years I was in undergrad and grad school. After a few surgeries kept me from running, I met my (now) husband in 2006 and he was a serious runner...I decided I wanted to be able to run with him. I ran quite a few 5K's and one 10K before I had two kids back to back, but wasn't ever a very "good" runner. After my 2 kids I decided I wanted to get back into it and to force myself I signed up for a half marathon with my husband. Never in my life did I think I would run that far...however, I let my husband convince me to run a half marathon as a "warm up" three weeks before the one we ran together. I trained and ran quite a few 5Ks and 10Ks leading up to it and set some PRs. This past fall I ran my first TWO half marathons and now I find running fun and am actually pretty okay at it :) I plan to continue to run as much as I can and see where it takes me!
Photo of DebbieDebbie Francisco
My first running phase was back in 1984; I signed up for a class in the spring that promised to train me to do a 10K on Mother's Day. I kept signing up for the training groups the other runners were doing and ended the fall with the Marine Corps Marathon. I intended to keep up with running, but then other things took higher priority. I repeated the "start running" and "do other stuff" phases in 1992 and 1994. My husband and two sons stay fit through cycling, hiking, and running. I decided I needed to do something about my fitness level and weight, so I started running more seriously in the past couple of years. I am a "back of the pack" runner and aspire to be faster, but I am enjoying running and am grumpy the days I can't be outside.
Chesapeake Bay Running Club
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