Chesapeake Bay Running Club presents

CBRC 2020 Last Man Standing Group Lap Runs

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Every hour we run a lap, and then rest until the next hour.
This is not a race.
There is no registration, no timing, and nobody gets awarded for finishing earlier. Nobody gets awarded for lasting longest either, but they're free to brag about it if they like.
This is an unsupported group run. If you plan, or hope, to run a bunch of loops, bring stuff to eat and drink. If you're friendly, bring extra stuff and share.
Show up whenever you like
Feel invited to come over and join us in the morning, or midday, or midafternoon--whatever fits your schedule. We welcome company whenever. Remember that each lap starts on the hour.
It's all informal. Every lap starts on the hour. You can run extra beforehand, or in-between, if you like. You can bail out whenever you wish.
We're making this up as we go; if we keep having fun, we might keep doing these, and perhaps picking different locations for variety.
Date Run Park dist. facebook City Parking
& Photos
Sun, Jan 19 LMS Group Lap Run Calvert Cliffs 3.75mi FB Lusby ($5) OA Photos 19+1D
Mon, Feb 17 LMS Group Lap Run HSMC Farthings Ordinary 4.5mi FB St Mary's City -  
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