CBRC 2018 Trail Runs

CBRC 2018 Maxwell Hall Park Trail Run

Maxwell Hall 2018 Trail Map


Dirt Road
#1 - start in big parking lot at end of Maxwell Drive
#2 - run down dirt road til it ends at big field
Red Trail
#3 & #4 - run clockwise around big field
Orange Trail
#5 - turn off dirt road and run edge of small field to woods entrance
#6 - do equestrian practice course in woods (ccw, backwards)
#7 - down steep gravel descent to bridge of main intersections
#8 - up steep hill from bridge and sharp right toward rusted truck in woods
#9 - down to end of trail and water view and loop at end
#10 - flags loop in woods beyond trail end
#11 - return toward rusted truck in woods but turn right before it, toward historic mansion fields
Green Trail
#12 - cross historic mansion fields ccw partway around
#13 - down to water, passing fields on right
#14 - beyond port-o-potty, off-road beach loop
Brown Trail
#15 - after returning from green trail to historic mansion fields, enter brown trail entrance on right for difficult up & downs
#16 - ccw halfway around edge of brown trail field
#17 - enter first right & descend to hairpin turn, then turn sharp left
#18 - if you missed the hairpin, you went down the brown trail (off our race course) to the water, and back
#19 - around the brown loop to the field by the back (Teagues Point) parking lot
#20 - across the field by the back (Teagues Point) parking lot
#21 - continue brown loop through woods (skipping the easy way which cuts through the middle & by the barn, to the brown trail field)
#22 - ccw around other half of brown trail field
#23 - back through difficult up & down trail from brown trail to historic mansion fields
No Trail
#24 - ccw around top of historic mansion fields
Orange Trail Again
#25 - into woods and down trail back to bridge junction in orange trail
#26 - Out to beginning field and back to dirt road and back to initial parking lot

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