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In 2009 Sierra and her "Trail Mix" group directed our inaugural trail series, using six parks in southern MD (two in each county, by design). We were lucky enough to draw a lot of easy going runners, and we had a good time. We captured photos of all six trail runs.
Ironmen (6/6)Mike Fagnano, Scott Payne, Sue Manuel, George Sisson
Honorable Mention (5/6)Claire Chiamulera, Perry Rapp, and David Walser, Dave Walser
In 2010 we attempted to repeat the trail series, but our scheduled first trail run, at Myrtle Point, was hit by snowstorm. A small group of us ran it informally anyway, in the driving snow, and then most of us managed to drive home successfully. The snowstorms continued that winter, and we abandoned the remainder of the 2010 trail series.
In 2011 we repeated the trail series successfully, scheduling five trail runs, and then actually executing six trail runs -- we were able to add St Mary's City as a late addition. We captured photos from all six runs. We received snow in our first run, at Kings Landing Park, but not heavy, and it was very pretty, and looks pretty in the photos as well. The 2011 trail runs went through snow, rain, and cold, and drew both some faithful locals and some adventurous people from up the road.
Ironmen (6/6)Noah Wood, Dave Walser, George Sisson
Honorable Mention (5/6)Perry Rapp
In 2012 we repeated the same series as 2011. We had over 40 participants at both Kings Landing and Calvert Cliffs, and we had various weather including wind that broke our poptent at Maxwell Hall Park, but all went successfully.
Ironmen (6/6)Neal Offenbacher, Perry Rapp, George Sisson, Char Staats, Noah Wood
Honorable Mention (5/6)Jeanne Larrison, Bill Scheetz, Dave Walser
Canine Honorable Mention (4/6)Peanut
In 2013 we replaced History St Mary's City with St Mary's River Park, running on part of the trails newly added that year. Oak Ridge was canceled by the park for mud conditions.
Ironmen (5/5)Becky Kosten, George Sisson, Jeanne Larrison
Honorable Mention (4/5)Perry Rapp, Paul Rehder
In 2014 we replaced St Mary's River Park Trail Run with the Frozen Heart 17/33/50K which had very tough conditions (icy water on the trail, rain snow). We had a new Maxwell Hall Park course through the woods, and had rain and extremely muddy conditions on it (the downhills were fairly dangerous).
Ironmen (5/5)Dan Forster, Perry Rapp, Paul Rehder, George Sisson
Honorable Mention (4/5)Martin Greenbaum, Jeanne Larrison, Crystal Rapp, Sue Vance
In 2015 we essentially reprised the 2014 schedule.
In 2016 Mike Fagnano took over as race director, and we essentially reprised the 2014 & 2015 schedules, with some course changes, and most races start at 9AM. The Kings Landing race was snowed out.
Ironmen (4/4)Mike Fagnano, Neal Offenbacher, Perry Rapp, Dave Walser
Honorable Mention (3/4)Dwayne & Emma Cox, Jody Fagnano, Mike Flynn, Jay Nam, Crystal Rapp, Paul Rehder, George Sisson, Mark Ugi
In 2017 Kate Barrett took over as race director, and we held our usual schedule, reverting to 9:30AM starts. The Myrtle Point race was snowed out, and made up the next day.
Ironmen (5/5)Kate Barrett, Dave Walser
Honorable Mention (4/5)Jamie Cantlon, David Hale, Crystal & Perry Rapp, George Sisson, Chris Zabriskie
In 2018 Kate Barrett continued as race director, and we repeated our traditional schedule, with 9:30AM starts.
In 2019 Kate Barrett continues as race director, and we are mostly reprising our traditional schedule, with 9:30AM starts, but we may have a race at Historic St Mary's City this year.

Eco-friendly? If you bring your own beverage container, you can help reduce our usage of disposable cups.

Walking: Running, walking, or any mix you like is fine.

Pets: I believe all the parks we use allow dogs on leash -- see MD state park pet policy (note: owners must clean up after pets). So as long as your pet is leashed and non-threatening, you are welcome. Several of our members have brought pets to trail races, and sometimes the pet name appears also in the results.

Run More: Often several of us run the course again afterward, to retrieve flags, cones, and markers, and anyone is welcome to come run, and perhaps help carry stuff :)

Other: Contact Perry for further information.

See CBRC Results page for all posted results. Some photos are displayed on the CBRC flickr photosteam.
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